Les dieux du Phnom Bok (Gods of Phnom Bok)

by Pierre Baptiste

Among the greatest achievments of ancient Khmer sculptors, the gods of Phnom Bok images are kept at Musée Guimet, Paris.

Shiva Phnom Bok2

Publication: Musee Guimet (MNAAG, Paris, France) Online Blog

Author: Pierre Baptiste

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Language : French

A discovery by Louis Delaporte, these statues of the Hinduist Trimurti (Shiva, Vishna, Brahma, too often wrongly described as a "trinity") date back from the 9th-10th century and were created from polished sandstone in Bakheng style.

Tags: statues, statuary, Bakheng, heritage, conservation

About the Author

Pierre Baptiste

Pierre Baptiste

Head Curator of Musée national des Arts Asiatiques Guimet (MNAAG, Paris), Pierre Baptiste is in charge of Southeast Asian arts at the museum since 1996.

An art historian, Pirerre Baptiste has taught at École du Louvre (Paris) and at the RUFA Faculty of Archaeology (Phnom Penh). He also supervised the renovation of Musée Guimet's Southeast Asian section from 1996 to 2001, and furthered communication between the Parisian institution and museums around Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Editor of collective works such as Missions archéologiques françaises au Vietnam – 1903-1904 (2005) or the Catalogue des collections khmères du musée Guimet (2008), he was the scientific advisor for major exhibitions such as "Trésors d’art du Vietnam - La statuaire du Champa, 2004" ; "Dvâravatî : Aux sources du Bouddhisme en Thaïlande, 2009" ; "Angkor – Naissance d’un Mythe, 2013", and "L’Envol du Dragon – Art royal du Vietnam, 2014".