A. Pannetier

Dr. Adrien Louis-Marius Pannetier (1873-19??), a French colonial administration physician ('médecin titulaire de l'Assistance médicale') in Cambodia in the years 1900s, undertook numerous linguistic, anthropomorphological, sociological researches during his stay in French Indochina and Cambodia.

Often "critical of the Protectorate system", according to Penny Edwards, Dr. Pannetier attempted to define a Khmer morphological type, contributed actively in improving public health, yet also authored a substantial Lexique Francais=Cambodgien វចនានុក្រមបារាំង-ខ្មែរ Lexicon French-Khmer, collected proverbs and folktales, and left insightul observations in his Au pays khmer -- notes cambodgiennes.