On Zhou Daguan's Customs of Cambodia

by Paul Eugène Pelliot

Languages : French, Chinese

22 pages

Linguist and sinologist Paul Peillot gives here a comprehensive background for Zhou Daguan's The Customs of Cambodia.

Chinese merchants, diplomats and explorers have been active for the longest time in the areas formerly known as Founan, Chenla and Kamboja. 

Original title: Mémoires sur les coutumes du Cambodge, 1902 (in French with numerous quotes in Chinese)

About the Author

Paul Eugène Pelliot

French sinologist and linguist Paul Pelliot (1878-1945) came across the oldest written account on Angkor, The Customs of Cambodia by Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan, while he was researching the travelogues of famous explorer Marco Polo and the collection of Dunhuang manuscripts. He authored the most reliable French translation of Zhou's journal in 1902. 

Pelliot became otherwise a reference in Chinese, Mongolian, Persian, Uigur and Central Asian studies, holding the Chair of the Languages, History, and Archaeology of Central Asia which the Collège de France established especially for him. 

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