Phoeun Mak

MAK Phoeun is a Cambodian historian who publishedd numerous articles and books on pre-colonial Cambodia, in particular in the 16th-18th centuries, and a reference study on the Khmer Royal Chronicles.

From 1975 on, he conducted with Cambodian scholar Khin Sok studies, revisions, interpretations and translations of the Cambodian Royal Chronicles, culminating in 1988 with the work "Chroniques royales du Cambodge (De Banà Yàt jusqu’à la prise de Lanvaek de 1417 à 1595). Traduction française avec comparaison des différences version et introduction".

A specialist in Mon-Khmer and Cham linguistics, and Champa civilization, Mak Phoeun has authored several papers on that topic, most of them published in the Bulletin de l'EFEO.