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    Banteay Srei at Angkor

    Originally published in 1926, this is the first study of the "Women's Temple", an exquisite edifice with rich adornements. Written...
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    Dancing architecture at Angkor: ‘Halls with dancers’ in Jayavarman VII's temples

    Who were the dancers at Jayavarman VII's court? What was the social status of these highly skilled and sophisticated women...
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    The goddesses and women of Angkor.Scholarly, artistic and literary musings in the realm of devatas and apsaras.

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    Is Angkor Wat a 12th-century Facebook?

    "They stand and stare like silent sentinels, sensuous rather than erotic, carved with elegance and care. But exactly who are...
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    Lost Goddesses

    The first study ever to address the place of women in Cambodian history, or what lays behind the Apsara Smile.

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    Unconventional, passionate and stimulating revisitation of Angkorian bas-reliefs, with an emphasis on the female figures of the lost civilization, from...
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    The PĀŚUPATA Sect in Ancient Cambodia and Champa

    From bas-reliefs at the My Son Temple, Indian researchers Swati Chemburkar and Shivani Kapoor retrace the presence of an ascetic...
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    The Secret of the Royal Triad Decoded

    For many years, independent researcher Phalika Ngnin has studied bas-reliefs in order to reach a better knowledge of the Angkorian...